29rebel offers a new way of doing business!

vision + intuition + strategy


We bring together intuition and strategy to help you build a business that supports you and shakes the world.

We cut through the typical business-building BS that relies on gimmicks, feeds on your insecurities, and leaves you with a business that never feels quite in alignment.
Our approach? Focus first on gaining clarity on your soul aligned vision. Next, identify the products and services that you can offer to bring this vision to life. Then begin sharing your vision, as well as your products and services with those that need what you were born to create.



Entrepreneurship is a commitment to life-long learning. You don't need to know everything, but you have to be willing to figure it out. Join us for an upcoming workshop, boot camp, or retreat to help you strategically and intuitively grow your business.


You aren't alone on your entrepreneurial journey or in your business. Beyond the experts, mentors, and loved ones with you in life, you also are supported by your Spirit Team. Connect with them during an Intuitive Business Reading with Chynna.


Join the Badass Rebelpreneur Society, 29rebel's private Facebook community of entrepreneurs who use their businesses to shake the world! Connect with like-minded people, enjoy free training from Chynna, and find support to grow your business.


Our Vision

We are dedicated to supporting revolutionary businesses-- those that are healing our world through their vision.


Entrepreneurs see the world as it should be, not as it is. They are revolutionaries healing our world with their truth and vision.

— Chynna Haas, founder of 29rebel

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A Game Changer

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