Coworking with 29rebel

Let's venture off our Entrepreneur Islands!

Entrepreneurship gets lonely sometimes.  We get stuck on what I call the Entrepreneur Island. There are days your island is the perfect place to dig into a new project and get stuff done, but other days it's a lonely place where no work happens.

The other pitfall for entrepreneurs trying to get work done? Distractions. Whether your cat won't get off your keyboard when you work from home or your staff keeps popping in with questions when you're in the office, it can be hard to finish a project or catch up on that To Do List.

Many entrepreneurs overcome these struggles with coworking.

29rebel is excited to announce our new Coworking Meetups taking place in the Driftless Region.

Join 29rebel and local entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, and small business owners for an upcoming Coworking Meetup.

This event is an informal opportunity to work with others in our community while enjoying delicious coffee, so stay for the full three hours or drop-in as is convenient with your schedule.

Check out our upcoming meetups on the calendar below.


More Creativity

Sometimes a change of scenery gets your creative juices flowing! As does being in the space of new people from different industries and backgrounds.

Fewer Distractions

Our lives are full of distractions that follow us to our office and home. Take some intentional time away in a coffee where shop where you can be as connected as you choose.

New Connections

Another great perk of coworking is meeting new people. Who knows, maybe you will even meet a new friend, business partner, or collaborator at a coworking meetup!


Upcoming Coworking Meetups