Hi there!

I'm so grateful you stopped by to learn more about me and my work. I thought I'd answer a few questions for you:

How did I come to this work?

I love entrepreneurs--the creatives, the healers, the visionaries! All of them! Honestly, my favorite way to spend time is listening to a good business origin story told over iced coffee. 

I started 29rebel because I was tired of the traditional approach to business, especially when it came to marketing and advertising. I felt like a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners were being taken advantage of by the traditional companies, so I vowed to build a company that brought the soul back to launching and growing a business. 

What's the most rewarding part of what I do? 

When I see a client finally uncover what they were born to do in this life. There's a moment, usually, where everything suddenly clicks for them and it takes their breath away. That moment is pure magic.

What do I mean by "intuitive"?

I'm a psychic medium. So, I describe myself as "intuitive" because I work collaboratively with Spirit in all that I do for 29rebel.

My earliest memory of seeing and interacting with Spirit was when I was about six-years-old and was visited by my Aunt, who had passed on a few years before.

I now use my skills to work with my Spirit Team and yours as we uncover your Soul's Purpose and strategically build a business that allows you to shake the world.

Have more questions? Drop me a message. I also hope you'll connect with me on Instagram and Twitter.

With love & rebellion,
Chynna Haas
founder of 29rebel & intuitive business coach


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