Soul + Social Boot Camp

Soul + Social Boot Camp is three weeks of intentional social media training and action designed to help you overhaul your business's social media presence.

During each week, we dig into a powerful question that you will then build soul-aligned content around. To support this, each week includes homework, a group training, a group coaching call, and feedback about your specific channels from me (Chynna Haas, Intuitive Business Coach and Owner of 29rebel).

Boot Camp starts Sunday, July 30 and ends August 20.

Soul + Social Boot Camp
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Is this Boot Camp for you?

~Are you tired of spending time posting on social media without seeing results?
~Are you unsure of what to post on social media?
~Are struggling with telling your story or sharing your work online?
~Does social media confuse or overwhelm you?
~Are you ready to find your community that gets your work?
~Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this three week Soul + Social Boot Camp is for you!


What's included?

  • Pre-Boot Camp Homework - You will receive a series of questions for you to answer before the Soul + Social Boot Camp begins. These questions are designed to help you get clear on your Big Vision of your business/work, as well as identifying who your ideal clients/customers are.
  • Weekly Group Training - I dig into the topic of the week, providing examples, strategies, and guidance in using relevant tools/apps. Trainings are via video so you can see me and I can share my screen with the group. These take place live, but are also recorded so you can watch at your convenience.
  • Weekly Homework - The weekly homework are actual actions you're taking on your social media and email marketing that utilize the week's lessons. The focus is always on helping you connect with your ideal clients in an authentic, soul-aligned way.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call - I answer your questions about the week's subject and homework. These take place live, but are also recorded so you can watch at your convenience.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group - Open to Boot Camp members only, so you can share with one another to get feedback and support, as well as interact with Chynna as you work through each week's lesson.
  • Feedback from Chynna - I will be checking in on your Facebook Page and Instagram Profile weekly and emailing you feedback of what you're rocking, along with some suggestions on how to improve.
  • Unlimited Access to Chynna - During the three-week boot camp, you have unlimited email access to me so you can send me questions, bounce ideas off me, or share your successes.

The Boot Camp

Boot Camp starts Sunday, July 30 and ends August 20.

Week One
What are you and your business about?

Focus: Overhauling the "about" sections of your Facebook & Instagram accounts. Reintroducing you to your followers/subscribers through a series of posts on your Facebook and Instagram, as well as an email to your current list.

Week Two
What do you believe and how does it impact your work?

Focus: We all have fundamental beliefs about the world, our field, and our work. These beliefs influence how we approach our work and how we serve our clients. During this week, we will explore our beliefs and learn how to share them on social media in a way that is accessible and compelling. You will develop a series of posts for your Facebook and Instagram, as well as one email for your list.

Week Three
How do you transform the lives of your clients?

Focus: You work transforms the lives of your clients! This week we are going to explore how you access these stories of transformation and share them online. From a technical perspective, we will dig into the various places people can leave you reviews, the pros/cons of these sites, and how you utilize these testimonials across platforms. From a marketing perspective, we will work through selecting which platform you prefer to receive testimonials, how you can encourage more testimonials here, and how to share these stories in a high vibe way that resonates with your ideal client/customer. 

Soul + Social Boot Camp
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