Rebellious Business Academy

You are being called to step into your role as an entrepreneur who is building an intentional, soul-aligned business that heals our world.

29rebel is your guide as you step into this big, world-shaking soulful work!

We are excited to announce our brand-new Rebellious Business Academy that launches this fall. The RBA features live workshops, boot camps, and retreats, as well as an online digital training program.

The goal of the Rebellious Business Academy?
Help you launch or relaunch a business that aligns with your Soul Work, supports you financially, and helps heal our world.

We will share more details about the RBA in the coming weeks, but for now you can see the three phases of business we guide you through and our upcoming Summer Boot Camps. You can also scroll down to get on our wait list.



Before you should take any action with launching or growing your business, you need to get clear on your vision. Your Big Vision.

How does your business serve others? How are you using your unique gifts in your business? How are you and your business shaking the world?


Once you have clarity on your Big Vision, you can launch or relaunch your business.

Launching is your opportunity to share your Big Vision with the world so you can find the people that need your services or goods. This phase also includes setting up the foundation and structures of your business.


After we launch (or relaunch), most of us will setup camp in the Growth phase of our businesses.

Here we expand our reach so we can serve even more people who need what we do. We get clearer on our work and speak even more world-shaking truth.


Upcoming RBA Courses

The full Rebellious Business Academy is launching this fall, but we are offering a handful of Boot Camps this summer to help you jump start your soul-aligned business ahead of enrolling in the Academy.

Here's what's coming up:

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