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It's Time to Rebel.

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Entrepreneurship is rebellion.

Entrepreneurs see the world not as it is, but as it should be. They are the revolutionaries-- the healers, the creatives, the visionaries-- who dare to change our world with their work. 

Are you one of them?

If you are, then we want to work with you!

Our mission is to help you launch and grow a soul-aligned business that serves the world and supports you financially. We do this by providing intuitive business and marketing strategy through private sessions, group programs, in-person workshops, and retreat experiences.

We are revolutionizing business!

Are you in?


Our Services

Entrepreneurship doesn't mean you suddenly have to figure out how to do everything in your business alone. Instead, you get to surround yourself with people who are whizzes in their chosen fields, so you can focus your time and effort on the part of your work where you're the expert.

29rebel supports you in developing an intuitive and strategic marketing game plan that supports the Big Vision for your work. 



If you don't have a clear vision, then you don't have a business. What are you here to do in this life? How are you here to serve? What is your Big Vision? How are you here to shake the world? During a two-hour Visionary Strategy Session, you can work privately with Chynna to answer these questions.



Marketing your soul-aligned business can feel intimidating or overwhelming, but it can actually be a fun, powerful experience. 29rebel offers various marketing programs to meet your unique needs and goals.


Growing a soul-aligned business that serves the world, while supporting you financially is possible! Chynna Haas, owner of 29rebel, can help you develop the intuitive strategy to help you do just that. She is now accepting clients for her three-month Rebellious Business Refresh Program.


Workshops & Events

An entrepreneur is always learning, so 29rebel offers workshops, live events, and retreat experiences. We offer workshops that help you stay current with technology and marketing trends, in addition to events that allow you to spend intentional time digging deeper into the "why" of your business.

Rebellious Business Jumpstart

No BS. No Gimmicks. Just intuitive, soul-stirring work that helps you unlock your biggest vision for your life, gain clarity on how you're here to be of service, and then take the action to align your business. Enrollment is now open! Will you join us?

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Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, Chynna challenges business owners to tell their stories, be real, offer their authentic selves through their products and services. Each person's journey will be unique, individual, and impossible to duplicate.



It All Starts Now

You soul feels called to build a business that serves the world, changes it, even shakes it! You know what you're here to do, but you're not sure how to find your community-- the people that need your gifts. You aren't sure where to show up in a loud world and you may even be scared of being seen or heard.  I see you and I can help you get clear and start take intentional, soul-aligned action.

Let's get started!